After graduating with a BA(Hons) in Embroidery from Manchester School of Art, Amy exhibited her work in the UK and overseas, before starting a position at Salford Museum & Art Gallery developing their retail offer and working with local artists and designers to showcase their work. Over the years her role within the organisation developed and she now manages commercial activities for Salford Community Leisure. Here she tells us about her experience with Queen Bee Coaching…

“I heard about Queen Bee Coaching (QBC) through work and it was suggested I might be interested in having coaching. I’d had some coaching as part of a leadership programme in the past which had been truly transformational and had helped me to address some professional challenges. Through this limited experience I knew how powerful coaching could be and was lucky enough to benefit from further coaching through QBC.

At the time QBC was suggested to me I had recently had a promotion at work with a wider role and more responsibility. My line management had changed, and I felt I could really benefit from speaking to someone outside my organisation about the challenges of my new role.

I worked with my coach on setting boundaries, ensuring a healthier work/life balance and adjusting to my new role. It was instrumental in achieving some very positive successes pre-Covid and helping me to adjust to a role with a much wider remit without feeling overwhelmed. Without question the work I did with my coach helped to ensure I was more resilient over the last year. It has been one of the most challenging periods both professionally and personally that I can remember, and I am sure it would have been much harder without the learning from our sessions. 

I have enjoyed feeling supported by someone who understands the challenges of working in the public sector and making space to think about the bigger picture and not just being wrapped up in spinning plates. I have also really enjoyed the community and support network in the wider QBC group. 

I have found Queen Bee Coaching transformational, supportive and empowering. I would wholeheartedly recommend it, either as coach or client. I know it can sometimes feel difficult to make time when there is so much going on, but it WILL be worthwhile and you will get more out of it than you could have expected.”