Centenary City Map

We are collecting photos, stories and videos of Manchester’s #Vote100 events on our Manchester- Centenary City digital map below. This map will be archive by the British Library to provide a digital archive of 2018’s activities for the future. Pinning to the map is straightforward, you’ll just need to create an account and follow the instructions here, or watch the video below. 

In 1918, the vote was given only to some women –  many  were left without a voice. Help us add to the map and make sure it’s not only some women who are recorded now.

We want 2018 to be recognised as a milestone year of historical importance and empowerment in Manchester, but we can’t do it without you! Have you been celebrating 100 years since (some) women got the right to vote in Manchester? Add your photos, selfies, stories, films and audios to our map!

Instructions in the video here: