Louise, 36, is currently retraining for a career change to psychology.  Louise applied for coaching with Queen Bee Coaching when she was pregnant with her second child, here she tells us why.

“At the time that I heard about Queen Bee, I was feeling undervalued and underchallenged and could see no real way to progress in my career.  It seemed to me that my career had plateaued, as a part-time working parent I was viewed as not having enough commitment to be given development opportunities, but I didn’t know how to create those opportunities for myself either.

Initially, my discussions with my coach were quite tactical.  I would discuss issues in my role, for example, in making best use of my part-time hours, ways to optimise my return to work following maternity leave and how to navigate some challenging work relationships.  Over time however, our discussions became more focused on my goals and my values. My coach helped me to see that I wasn’t enthused about the progression opportunities that I was aiming for, rather I was aiming for them as they were the logical next step ‘up’ the traditional career ladder.  For the first time in a long time, possibly ever, I began to ask myself what it was that I found motivating and exciting.

When the pandemic struck and we suddenly had no childcare, I realised that the only practical option for our family was for me to leave my job.  This would have been a terrifying prospect without the conversations and thinking that I had been doing with my coach.  Instead of seeing this as a disaster, I was able to see it as an opportunity, first to slow down and take some of the pressure off our family and second to have the space to find a new career path that I could get excited about.

Due to my increased confidence and greater understanding of my personal goals and values, I am now part way through a conversion MSc in Psychology with the aim to eventually qualify as a Counselling Psychologist.  This new path feels like a better fit for my natural skills and personality than the roles I had been taking in recent years, as well as fitting much better with goals and values I have around supporting my local community and helping others more directly.

For me Queen Bee Coaching has been radical, inspiring and critical. The coaches provide an incredible resource, unlike anything I have ever been offered from an employer.  Whether you know what you want to achieve or simply think you do (like I did), a coach will help you to question your own thinking and your own assumptions, in a caring and compassionate manner, to help you think through your working life goals and how you are pursuing them.”