Busy mum of two Eve has worked for Manchester City Council for 15 years. Having held a number of different roles and been through redesigns and restructures she currently works part time as part of a multi-agency team delivering courses for parents.  Eve also set up Emmie’s Kitchen, a charity supporting parents with children undergoing treatment and care at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.  Here she tells us about her experience with Queen Bee Coaching.

“I heard about Queen Bee Coaching (QBC) through a friend who encouraged me to apply to develop my leadership.  I felt I was at a real turning point in my life – trying to get a good work life balance and take the lead in Emmie’s Kitchen.  I applied for a place and was accepted for coaching in September 2019 but prior to this I had very little knowledge and experience of coaching.

The coaching gave me protected time with someone who was independent from my work and family and enabled me to focus on me and what I could and wanted to achieve.  It really helped me to take a step back and think about my leadership style and leadership role in different elements of my life.

Thanks to the coaching I feel I can make clearer decisions about my job role and my role in the development of Emmie’s Kitchen. It has allowed me to recognise my skills and to be more confident in my own knowledge and experience and how I can effectively use it to lead others. 

The coaching has massively impacted on my own confidence and self-belief in what I can achieve.  I now feel more in control of my roles and life choices and I feel Queen Bee has enabled me to be clear and set boundaries as to what I can commit to.

I would really encourage people to get involved as it is definitely worthwhile.  It is a fantastic opportunity to look at furthering yourself and what you could be.  I gained so much from being involved and thanks to QBC I have grown as a person and as a leader.