Count down to RiseVoiceVote ‘Hackday’

Count down to campaign launch

We are all getting very excited,  JUST 2 WEEKS until our #RiseVoiceVote Campaign ‘Hackday’ at the People’s History Museum Manchester. 150 young people (aged 10-19) will be coming together from across Manchester to bring their own social action campaigns to life with a range of campaign tools and tactics.  This includes a #takeover of the Pankhurst Centre twitter and Instagram feeds by young people on the day. Follow their activities at #RiseVoiceVote and help amplify their voices. #DeedsNotWords #YouthEngagement

Ananna Bangladeshi Girl’s Group visit the Pankhurst Centre and talk Rise, Voice, Vote

100 years since (some) women gained the right to vote in the UK, how much have women’s roles in politics in the UK and across the world changed?  Have women achieved equal rights?  What now?  These are just some of the questions we’ve been exploring with young people in Manchester as part of the #RiseVoiceVote project with @PankhurstCentre.  

We were delighted to welcome Ananna Bangladeshi Girls Group to the Pankhurst last weekend to explore these key questions and hear their views on the things that matter to them and how we can make Manchester a great place to grow up, get on and grow old.     You can hear some of their views in our video below. 

Manchester Communications Academy share their inspiring campaign ideas …

We were completely blown away by the poster designs and the depth of discussion with pupils from Manchester Communications Academy.   Pupils shared a diverse range of issues that they care about to include women’s rights, gender equality,  political representation, water as a human right, body positivity and sexual violence against women and girls.  Can’t wait to see their campaigns develop.

‘Deeds Not Words’ Manchester School of Art Exhibition

‘Deeds not Words’ is an exhibition curated by students from Manchester School of Art in response to the 1913 attack on Manchester Art Gallery. by Suffragettes. Students will return to the moment when art was used as a political took for making visible the demands of the women’s suffrage movement, resulting in a new publication, exhibition and fundraiser for The Pankhurst Centre.

The exhibition is part of the School of Art’s Unit X which brings together students from different disciplines to work on live project briefs created by a wide range of partner organisations working with our academic staff. The unit culminates in the Unit X Festival, a week of pop-up events and exhibitions that transforms spaces throughout the city into urban galleries and event spaces. This festival celebrate the outcomes of the Unit X project, created by some of Manchester’s best up and coming artists, designers, filmmakers and photographers.

Private View on 4 May, 5.30-7.30pm.