Hackday Zine

A big thank you to Carmen Byrne, a brilliant graphic illustrator and storyteller who joined our hackday yesterday.  We love this #RiseVoiceVote zine she made. Connect with her @carmen_byrne

Hackday Vox Pops with Vic

I’m so proud to be a part of this incredible initiative

Can you imagine what the Suffragettes would have thought of the way we collect and share evidence of our campaigns and projects nowadays?  There would probably have been some fantastic camera phone videos of Emmeline Pankhurst getting arrested….
The instantaneous recording and distribution of audio, video and photos – it would have been the stuff of science fiction novels! It begs the question, would this technology have helped or hindered their movement? Would the results have been quicker, or marred by controversy?
Never the less, as campaigners today, we can use technology to our advantage, and amplify our message, from the quick distribution of online campaigns, to spreading the word globally through video, audio and photos – at the touch of a button – and for the most part – completely free.
So, on Hackday, I’m super excited to be showing our campaigners of the future how to use the technology at their fingertips to collect mini interviews from the general public – valuable audio that can be used in future podcasts, on websites etc…to help boost the messages and values of our young people’s social action projects.

Rise, Voice, Vote in UK Parliament Week, 2018

 UK Parliament Week is an annual week long campaign of events to engage people across the UK and empower them to get involved with Parliament. The #ukparliamentweek hashtag has been a source of inspirational messages, images and films of conversations all over the UK this week about the work of parliament, of our parliamentarians and how people can be involved. From Paddington in Parliament to a lego suffragette social media has been abuzz with all things parliament.


Parliament Week gives an excellent opportunity to design and deliver conversations in schools and other settings that explore politics, parliament and our participation with children and young people. A great time to create a little extra noise about what parliament does and could mean to you and your community by connecting with politicians, campaigners and activists.


Many of our other partners in the programme have been busy this week too. The Politics Project have been extra busy running Digital Surgeries for young people with their MPs all over the country, and closer to home with our own GM Mayor (and former Parliamentarian) Andy Burnham busy fielding questions on Thursday from students in Bolton and Trafford.



An abundance of great resources have been developed and shared to support people to do this – many of which we hope to feature in our Rise Voice Vote Toolkit (watch this space, coming early 2019!!).


“Celebrating our past, Understanding our present, Participating in our future…”


Our Rise Voice Vote project is using this centenary year (of some women getting the vote) to have similar conversations with young people, about participation and their activism and campaigning. So in Parliament Week our fabulous facilitators Beth from PIE and Hebe of The Proud Trust at co-op Academy North (formerly MCMA) delivering our schools session with young people to further develop their campaigns following their trip to the Pankhurst Centre.

15 schools and community youth groups are now involved in the Rise Voice Vote programme with nearly 200 young people aged 10-19 visiting The Pankhurst Centre since June. On 26th November we will welcome over 125 young people to the People’s History Museum for a campaign hackday to develop their campaigns through a range of creative campaigning sessions.


🗣 Andy is answering questions from students in Bolton and Trafford this lunchtime. We are living in the future!


Count down to RiseVoiceVote ‘Hackday’

Count down to campaign launch

We are all getting very excited,  JUST 2 WEEKS until our #RiseVoiceVote Campaign ‘Hackday’ at the People’s History Museum Manchester. 150 young people (aged 10-19) will be coming together from across Manchester to bring their own social action campaigns to life with a range of campaign tools and tactics.  This includes a #takeover of the Pankhurst Centre twitter and Instagram feeds by young people on the day. Follow their activities at #RiseVoiceVote and help amplify their voices. #DeedsNotWords #YouthEngagement

Votes at 16? Withington Girls let us know what they think…

Do you feel represented?  Should we have votes at 16?   Does voting matter? These are just some of the questions we have been exploring with young people across Manchester through this project as part of 

‘Celebrating Our Past, Understanding Our Present, Participating in Our Future’

We captured some of the responses from girls at Withington Girls School in the videos below following their visit to the Pankhurst Centre.


Loreto High Diversity Team – Our RiseVoiceVote trailblazers!

..’this the place where a Manchester girl, Name of Emmeline Pankhurst from the streets of Moss Side, Led a Suffragette City with sisterhood pride..’   ‘This is the Place’  by Tony Walsh

We are grateful to the fabulous diversity team at Loreto High for being our RiseVoiceVote trailblazers.   The first cohort to participate in the programme they have helped us shape the sessions and the toolkit for others. 

 And what a brilliant team of young people they are.  I can’t wait to see what these young Mancunians achieve. I’ve no doubt they will help change the world for the better, it has been wonderful to work with them #DeedsNotWords

Manchester Enterprise Academy waste no time to get their views heard…

Really impressed by maturity of this group of pupils from Manchester Enterprise Academy.  The students formed their own campaign groups around issues they care about working in mixed groups spanning year seven to year nine.  Campaign issues included period poverty,  homelessness, body image,  gender stereotyping and LGBT+ discrimination.  Really exciting about working with them at our campaign hackday in November!

Check out the video they made after their visit to the Pankhurst Centre.

We arrived back from our #risevoicevote session at @PankhurstCentre today and wanted to share some of our reflections on gender equality from today’s session @MEAcad pic.twitter.com/6hU2ghOtgj

— Mr King (@MrKing_MEA) October 8, 2018

Delighted to be joined by Whalley Range High School


..’this the place where a Manchester girl, Name of Emmeline Pankhurst from the streets of Moss Side, Led a Suffragette City with sisterhood pride..’  Can’t wait to see what these young Mancunians achieve. I’ve no doubt they will help change the world for the better, it has been wonderful to work with this group of young women from Whalley Range High School on the #RiseVoiceVote project with the Pankhurst Centre #DeedsNotWords

Chorlton High pupils join…. RiseVoiceVote

‘We were called militant, and we were quite willing to accept the name. We were determined to press this question of the enfranchisement of women to the point where we were no longer to be ignored by the politicians.’ Emmeline Pankhurst.  What makes for an effective campaign tool? Is it ever ok to break the law? These are some of the questions we’ve been exploring with young people in Manchester as part of the #RiseVoiceVote project with the Pankhurst Centre. Delighted pupils from Chorlton High School are participating in the project, their campaigns are developing well, can’t wait to see more at the ‘hackday’. #DeedsNotWords