Hackday Vox Pops with Vic

I’m so proud to be a part of this incredible initiative

Can you imagine what the Suffragettes would have thought of the way we collect and share evidence of our campaigns and projects nowadays?  There would probably have been some fantastic camera phone videos of Emmeline Pankhurst getting arrested….
The instantaneous recording and distribution of audio, video and photos – it would have been the stuff of science fiction novels! It begs the question, would this technology have helped or hindered their movement? Would the results have been quicker, or marred by controversy?
Never the less, as campaigners today, we can use technology to our advantage, and amplify our message, from the quick distribution of online campaigns, to spreading the word globally through video, audio and photos – at the touch of a button – and for the most part – completely free.
So, on Hackday, I’m super excited to be showing our campaigners of the future how to use the technology at their fingertips to collect mini interviews from the general public – valuable audio that can be used in future podcasts, on websites etc…to help boost the messages and values of our young people’s social action projects.