Rooms of Our Own

Revealing the hidden ‘herstory’ of the Pankhurst Centre
Our work to conserve, restore and transform the Pankhurst Centre is one of the key visions of the Pankhurst Trust. This much-loved building has a special place in the hearts of so many, so you might be surprised to discover than in the 1970s and 1980s it faced a battle for survival.

On the brink of demolition it was thanks to the spirit and determination of campaigners that the birthplace of the suffragette movement was saved and the quest to transform it into a museum and feminist hub began.

This chapter of history has largely gone unexplored until now, but thanks to the support of The National Lottery Heritage Fund we are about to reveal ‘herstory’ in a project called Rooms of Our Own.

We’ll be connecting young people with the activism of the past, we’ll be capturing the memories of those involved in saving the Pankhurst Centre, we’ll be ensuring that the Pankhurst Centre archive reflects the fullness of this chapter of history and we’ll be using the results to inspire the creation of original theatre, music and artwork.

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Redevelopment of the Pankhurst Centre during the 1980s